I’ve considered myself to be a woodworker ever since I made wooden pot holders in grade school. From squirrel shaped cut-outs to guitars, woodworking has always been a part of my life. But I didn’t get serious about it until I started designing guitars in drafting class soon after I began playing guitar.

Working on guitar and furniture designs while honing drafting skills resulted in building my first electric guitar in 2005. It was a poor attempt but it was a start. I pushed forward and kept designing and building three more electric guitars.

During this time I got busy with my cartography career and musical side projects. Woodworking and luthiery were always on my mind but I just never had room for a shop nor the money to get one going.

In 2010 I finally secured a workspace and I started building and organizing my woodshop. Finally in 2013 and I began to build a classical guitar. This classical guitar project is where this work log starts.

Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment and start conversations with me. That is why I started this blog in the first place!

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