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The past few weeks I have been planning and buying materials to remodel the bathroom. I’ve managed to destroy most of it and start building it back again. Although I have a ways to go I feel I have made good progress.

I’ll be thorough but brief using pictures:


Cedar, tongue and groove planks


The first tile removed. No turning back now!



The main wall of my bathroom with tile removed (that glue stunk!!)



So I covered it with spackle!


My bathroom is small (I’m standing in the bathtub for this picture) and you can see how much room that old vanity took up. Which was the reason for the remodel. Well that and pink toilet….c’mon look at it! Geez!


Custom vanity top. Made by me!


Here is a good shot for seeing how small the bathroom is. Shower curtain is on the right. Also this is a good shot of the ‘folding’ door we had on our bathroom. It was not very private at all!


Old pipes. As usual rigged by previous owner.


The copper pipes went right into the faucet! I’ve never seen that one before!


Copper pipes cut off below the old valves and removed the vanity. (Yes I’m redoing the floor…Later)


I installed 1/2″ x 3/8″ Push Straight Stop Valves by Apollo. They are Pex-like fittings for copper. No soldering, I just pushed them on. I really doubted these things but I don’t anymore, they don’t leak at all! I was shocked!


Removed the old mirror to find a secret compartment….sorta. The only thing that was in it was dust and some old screws. (geez guys, clean up a bit before sealing it up for decades)


Installing the cedar so I can get the sink back in and working quickly. This is our only bathroom so I didn’t want it to be in-usable for any length of time.




Enter a caption

I Installed the vanity like a shelf but it will be reinforced as I get the pedestal and shelving put in.





New vanity!


Drilled holes to install faucet and sink drain.


IT WORKS! Holy Shit! I mean of course it works. I designed this vanity to be a bit higher than most all other vanitys so I also had to do a bunch of custom plumbing. It looks a bit odd, but it works and I think its a fairly clean job.

I got a bit farther than this blog shows but I didn’t really want to show any dramatic after shots just yet. You can see in the last picture that I also put in the new door! It is a MASSIVE improvement in privacy.

This is a lot more work than I anticipated and jobs like this usually are, but I can see already how worth while this project already has been. More soon….I hope soon. Let me know what you think or if you have any good tips.