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A friend of mine has a large amount of books in a rather small space. I visit quite often and took notice to this problem. One day in passing I mentioned that I could build him a big bookshelf on his one ‘big’ wall. A week or two went by and he said you know that’s a good idea, lets do it. So, I drafted up a plan, wrote a bill of materials and off to the hardware store went.

The design was for nine (9) 2″x 12″x 8′ pine boards. Eight were shelves and the ninth was an end piece. Then we got two (2) shelf hangers per board, screws and paint. I took the shelves to my garage because it was the only place big enough to lay out all the boards and paint them at once. I gave each board two coats of black paint on all sides and let them dry a day.

That weekend I took the boards over to my friends house and started cutting them to length. (You might be able to see only the ‘end walls’ of his house are flat so each board was custom cut to fit the contour of that wall/ceiling.) Luckily he had moved all his books and his old bookshelves out of the way, saving me a heap of time and effort. We started with the bottom shelf and worked up to the top, leveling them as we went. Finally put the end board up to give it a built in look. I’m really happy with how this turned out and it really helped give his books a home.

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