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It has been a while since I posted. At least it feels like that anyway. Going on vacation can really throw off my perspective on time!

The last time I posted I was just starting the sanding phase. I managed to sand all the pieces starting with 100 grit to 220 grit to 400 grit all the way to 600 grit, and am I glad I did that! It is incredibly smooth and looks great! I’ll have to sand over it again once I get it together but I really don’t mind doing that.

The best way I could figure to glue this together was to lay the legs down and glue the shelves in that way. One shelf at a time, then do the other side. After that I glued the top braces I made as an after thought. I added them because I wanted more surface area contacting the top of the stand. If my words don’t make sense maybe the pictures will. Also, I used the two scrapers (shown in pictures) to clean up the excess glue. They make quick work of glue clean-up without doing too much damage to your sanding job.

Lastly, I started cutting the cross-braces. I only got one side started before I ran out of time. Hopefully by the next post I’ll be ready for the finish! A respected friend of mine recommended ‘danish oil’ for a finish. I’ve never used it so I’ll give it a try on the frame I made.

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