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It had been raining and cool for quite a while, spring teased with intermittent sunshine. Closing in on 9:30 AM the house was quiet while some slept upstairs. The shop however was active!

‘Cowboys From Hell’ blasted through the shop speakers and the smell of sawdust filled the air. ‘Pantera’ was never one of my favorites but that didn’t mean I wasn’t occasionally blown away by them. With my ear muffs on and the sander buzzing, I started sanding with 100 grit sandpaper. Most of the pieces lay patiently on the table finished and ready to be sanded. With exception to the cross braces, of course. “Those, I added, will have to be cut once the stand is together.” “This will ensure a tight and neat looking fit.”

“Round one of sanding done!” My hands feeling numb from what felt like hours of sanding. I walk over to my cell phone, still blasting music, and unplug it from the speakers. Excitedly I took a photo of my work, It all looks so nice sitting there on the table.

I can’t wait to finish this thing!


Hey, thanks for visiting. I thought I would try my hand at making a mini story rather than the mundane, “I did this, then this, then this,” posts I have been doing lately. Maybe I will do more, maybe I won’t. I suppose everything depends on how much time I have. Hope you had a good weekend. Enjoy the week!