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The sawdust flew today and a few days ago as I began cutting, planning, jointing and bringing all out mayhem to rough-cut wood! The pictures below show the legs, cross braces and the center piece of the top for my TV Stand I mentioned in previous posts. I ended up going with some really old oak my friend had stored under his cabin since probably the 1960’s or 1970’s (please correct me if I’m wrong.)

I have captioned the pictures which should be visible if you hover your mouse over the pictures or click on them.

That oak board, as you can see, was really warped from being exposed to the elements. It took a considerable amount of time but I now have it close to being a square piece wood. I still have some planing and finish work to do and it will likely end up being thinner than the maple pieces for the rest of the top but you wont see it since I will make the top surface flush. I’m trying to decide which side of the oak to show. If you have a preference leave a comment, ‘Side A’ or ‘Side B.’

I really like how the x-braces came out. They look nice and thick, not cheap to my eye.

There is still a lot of work ahead but I feel good about the progress. I’ll post more as soon as there is more to share!