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After a visit to my personal wood stockpile I realized I didn’t have the amount of oak I need to make this stand. However, I do have a copious amount of maple.

Strength was one of my main design aspects so not having oak was a bummer. That is why I decided to redesign the stand slightly. As you can see below the top is no longer just planks glued together to make on solid top.

tv stand redesign

It will now be five pieces of wood as follows: The outer pieces will be cut at 45 degrees on the ends to make a frame-like box. The inner piece I’m planning on being walnut (if available). The inner piece will connect to the outer pieces using a dado joint as shown below.

tv stand dado.png

Lastly, I moved the ‘X’ bracing in toward the center of the stand 1″ rather than have them flush to the outside of the legs and shelves. I think this makes a more interesting and elegant look. I’m really hoping to start cutting some wood this coming week! Keep your fingers crossed for me!