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Even the best of intentions can be side-lined by family and holidays. That is the case for me in making progress on this guitar repair. I was not going to post this since I don’t really have anything to show other than the guitar that needs repaired. However, since most people are on vacation and might need a quick read after feasting I decided to go ahead and put something up. Also, I keep testing this ‘aside’ format in WordPress hoping I will figure out how it’s different from ‘normal.’

Shown below is a picture of the guitar in need of repair. This should be a simple procedure of reattaching the bridge. It is an acoustic electric so I’ll need to be careful of all those internal parts.

11-15 Bridge Repair

I know a few fellow luthiers read this blog and if you have any suggestions on the electronics side of this repair, please feel free to comment here or on my facebook page. Thanks and have a good Thanksgiving!