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Since finishing up the Appalachian Dulcimer I have been working toward the next build. I ordered some wood this week for the sides and back of the next classical guitar build. Curly Maple is what I settled on, mostly due to cost. I want to keep my costs down and do as much of the work as I can. The wood has not arrived yet but I anticipate it to be here by Friday.

With that said:
Because I ordered unbent sides I needed a way to do that, so I built a home-made bending iron. In case you want to build your own I have included a list of parts.

-1 ¼” x 10″ Galvanized Steel pipe
-1 ¼” Flange
-Heat gun
-Scrap wood and screws

I have not tried it yet so I don’t know if it will work. If you are going to build one, wait and see how it goes for me first! Here are some pictures of my iron. If you have any words of wisdom please comment below.

WP_20140806_001-B WP_20140806_002-B