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Last time I posted I was cleaning up the sound holes on my dulcimer. I was able to clean them up decently enough. The prep sanding is done and last night I started putting a finish on the dulcimer. While doing so I had it hanging up so I didn’t have to touch the instrument while I put the finish on. Turns out I didn’t hang it well enough and it came crashing to the concrete of my shop. Ouch. I turned off the lights and just gave up for the night after that. Today, I came back to find a few chips and scratches and for the most part was able to sand them out. I have a new coat of finish on tonight and it is well secured. Lesson learned.

I’ve been considering building a banjo next. But, I have also been considering a dreadnought guitar. I know I don’t have many followers but if you want to chime in on what you would like to see me build, let me know. I may just take you up on your opinion. You can post here or on my Facebook page.

Sorry no pictures this time. I figured I would save my cloud space for important stuff like finished dulcimers. 🙂