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Tailblock with a walnut end piece.

I have a few pictures of the dulcimer project. The first picture shows the tail block being glued to a piece of walnut. The tail block serves a lot of purposes. For this instrument (since it is designed to not have kerfing) it helps add a gluing surface for the back and soundboard. It also gives shape to the dulcimer because it is cut to match the taper of the final body shape. As I mentioned before this particular dulcimer is not designed to have kerfing but I’m going to add some anyway.


Progress so far.

I managed to get the fingerboard and headstock ready and in place. I don’t have too much left so I’m going to try and come up with a custom design for the ‘f’ holes. It may take a little more time but I’m really not in a hurry. I’m just happy to be in the shop and able to be working on something.


Walnut top and back.

If there are any other instrument builders out there with questions or comments please post them. I’m looking to network and learn a thing or two from you all. Thanks for looking and for your support! For more up to date posts you can check my Facebook page.