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For personal reasons my shop has been at a stand still lately. Over the past month and a half I haven’t been able to work on any projects. In the past I have had to wait before I could work on guitars for what ever reason. This doesn’t set well with me anymore, I’m tired of waiting.

So I decided to do a quick project that does not require me to purchase more tools and can be done quickly. That project is a dulcimer. I ordered the wood kit today and I am hoping it gets here before the weekend! I don’t know the first thing about dulcimers so I ordered a kit so that everything I need is already in the box. I’ll then use this to build my own designs in CAD for future dulcimers.

If there are any other instrument builders out there with questions or comments please post them. I’m looking to network and learn a thing or two from you all. Thanks for looking and for your support! For more up to date posts you can check my Facebook page.