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A few weeks ago I blogged about a Silvertone guitar a friend asked me to repair and possibly restore. This guitar has damage to the soundboard. A main brace under the soundboard had disconnected due to being too dry. Which in turn caused the bridge to put an unusual amount of stress on that side of the soundboard. Ultimately cracking it near the ‘f’ hole. After some research and finding that the guitar was not worth much, I decided to go ahead and attempt the repair. I first took off the neck. This was a bit more difficult of a detachment than the last neck removal, but wasn’t too bad. Then I tore off the soundboard, which wasn’t too bad since the glue was so dry and brittle.

I removed the soundboard only to see, quite honestly, a mess. When this guitar was made, they made no effort to minimize glue squeeze out or clean anything up. No wonder they don’t make these things anymore! I cleaned up as much of the glue as I could just for the sake of doing things right. Once I did all the clean up I decided to repair the cracks first.

I have the broken brace repaired and it’s in a glue jig as I type this. Hopefully that goes well and I can continue this repair.

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Soundboard cracks


Soundboard starting to come apart.


Careless gluing


Soundboard cracks and brace detachment.


Got it tore apart. You can see the back braces are falling off as well!