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When I restarted building this guitar last fall I did so with the intention of using it as a learning experience and I didn’t really expect it to come out well. The reasons I didn’t expect it to come out well were that number one, it’s old. The wood had been damaged/warped during a move and was also really dried out and flakey. Another reason was that my previous time working on this guitar I had ruined a few pieces and generally screwed it all up due to trying to get by without the proper tools.

I’m happy to say that the guitar is essentially complete and in working order (I plan on buffing it and using some fingerboard polish.) But as far as blog posts go, it is complete. I feel this was a successful build even though it’s not of a quality I strive for. A lot was learned and the guitar is playable. The latter of which I did not expect! My next build should start in the next month or two and I really am excited to get started on it!

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