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Tru-Oil did turn out to be an easy application process. However getting a satin finish out of it is proving to be of intermediate difficulty. As of right now my guitar has a gloss finish on it, which I don’t mind. But as I stated last week, I prefer the satin look. Even though I decided to glue the neck into place that doesn’t mean I can’t still make the guitar more satin looking. At this point I’m changing things as they strike me. I don’t quite know how this guitar will end, finish wise, but I can say if I leave it as is I’ll be happy with it.

I’m planning on gluing the bridge and installing the tuners this weekend. From there all that is left is shaping the nut and saddle and doing basic guitar set up. Barring any drastic changes in my decisions on finish, I hope to be playing this guitar by Sunday Evening. Wish me luck for the final stretch!

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