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This past week was spent installing the binding trim around the back and front of the guitar. I’ve probably put between ten and fifteen hours in that alone. It has been very tedious and time-consuming. And while I have spent a lot of time on that, it still isn’t where I would like it to be. So rather than showing you a few boring pictures of that I decided to post about the neck this week.

When I started this guitar in 2010 the neck was a big part of what I focused on so a lot of that was already finished. However, I did set the frets and fit fingerboard to the neck. I tried a new method of gluing the fingerboard to the guitar that I learned from watching Dan Erlewine. This method was to take a huge rubber band and just wrap it around the neck and fingerboard. This worked well with one exception. When I wrapped the rubber band around the fingerboard and neck I made sure the fingerboard was flush with the sides of the neck. But the glue had yet to dry and because you can only wind the rubber band around the guitar in one direction it ended up shifting the fingerboard to the right by 1/32″ or so. Which isn’t much, but when it comes to guitars, it really is. I was able to fix this, but it cost me some time. Lesson learned!

This past week I also received my tuners and I began to fit the neck to the body. This particular guitar is a dovetail fit and I’ll tell you it is tedious to get this neck to set just right. (If any fellow guitar  makers have tips on neck setting I’m all ears.) So between setting the neck/bridge and finish scraping/sanding the body and binding I’m really working hard but have little to show for it (as far as blog posts go.)  After that I’ll be finishing and assembling the guitar! I would be nice to be finished by Christmas but there is no sense rushing it!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for looking and for more up to date posts you can check my Facebook page.


Getting ready to glue the fingerboard on.


Truss rod installed.


Rubber band “clamping.”


Rubber band “clamping.”


Rubber band “clamping.”


I was a gluing maniac!


After the gluing.


A little more cleaned up.


A little more cleaned up.


Started to bevel the frets here.


Beginning to fit the neck to the body.


Beginning to fit the neck to the body. Starting to look like a guitar!