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Last week I glued the soundboard onto the body. This week I’ll show you how it all ended up. The same as when I glued the back, I used a thin bead around the kerfing and notches and then spread it evenly with my finger. When I notched the side for the braces this time I went all the way through, instead of stopping at the sides on the back. I did this because I knew that the binding would eventually be put on and cover them and I wanted to make this connection stronger. I learned that from doing the back so in retrospect I would have liked to take the back braces through the body as well. However, doing them two different ways allowed me to learn both ways and the benefits of both.

The clean up for this involved trimming off the cross braces that were sticking out. Then I had to shave off the excess soundboard all the way around. Once I did that I had to trim out the neck area where the soundboard covered the dovetail joint. The next thing I did was route the edges of the back and top for the binding trim. But I’m going to save that for another post.

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Clamps off.


Clamps off.


Braces trimmed flush.


Before dovetail trim.


After dovetail trim.


Soundboard trimmed and ready for binding cuts.


Neat shot from the inside of my guitar.