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This week I finalized the body assembly. The only piece left to assemble (body wise) was the soundboard. I made sure the rest of the body was clean and ready to accept the soundboard. Then, I did a practice dry run as I did with the back to make sure I had enough clamps and that I had them laid out even across the guitar. Once the dry fit was done I lined all the clamps up from top to bottom on one side and then mirrored that on the other side (as shown in the picture below.) I did this because the body is thinner at the top than it is at the bottom and I needed the clamps to be closely sized for their particular spot on the body. When glueing the top (and back for that matter) I learned that the thin glue bead dries fast so you have to be as quick and efficient as possible.

Due to the number of pictures I decided to make this two posts. Next week I’ll show you the results of the glue job and all the clean up associated with it. Thanks for looking.

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Soundboard and body ready to be glued.


Dry fit.


Dry fit.


Clamping assembly layout.


Dry fit and clamping plan.



Glue fit.


Glue fit.


Glue fit.