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First Brace

I continued building my guitar by cutting and gluing the braces to the back. First I had to make a caul (seen on the underside of the clamps in a few pictures.) The caul is cut on a radius to match the radius of the braces so that when the braces are glued the back will have a sort-of ‘belly’ to it. Rather than being just flat the bellied back adds some character and some would argue better sound qualities. I cannot speak to this because I see it as a personal preference thing rather than a quality thing.

Again due to limited tools I had to glue each brace one at a time so what you are seeing took me basically an entire week of work.

What I’m calling the spine will still have to be glued to the back. After that I can apply a light shellac finish so it looks nice through the sound hole when complete.


Second Brace


Third Brace


Fourth Brace


Back brace gluing complete