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My shop is controlled at 50% humidity and 65 degrees.

I wanted to take the shop post one further for any other luthiers/woodworkers out there. My shop was previously a garage and it had fire proofing on the ceiling and was generally not a stable environment. This summer I tore out all the fire proofing and exposed the rafters above. At first I did not like it but after a while it started to grow on me. For temperature and humidity stability reasons I stuffed all the end rafters (basically the perimeter of the ceiling) with wool insulation. This dramatically made a difference as far as holding temperature and humidity at the levels needed for wood conditioning and guitar building. Possibly a few of you have similar ideas for this?

Next summer I hope to rip out the garage door and replace it with double storm doors for even more environment control. My shop is rather large at 12′ x 24′ so every little bit I do to control temperature and humidity will go a long way. I also plan on adding a bunch of electrical outlets and more lighting. I upgraded the lighting this past summer from two 60watt bulbs in the whole room to two fluorescent shop lights. It made a big improvement but I’m starting to see that even that isn’t enough. Luckily for me, those lights are fairly inexpensive.

The next post should be less about my shop and more about the guitar I’m building. However, in the future I will be posting any shop updates I have (tools, remodel etc.) If you ever have questions or comments please ask/leave them here or on my facebook page.